How to Calculate Staff Turnover Rate with Exit Process Cost Calculator

How to Calculate Staff Turnover Rate

Learn how to calculate staff turnover rate with the new, quick and easy calculator from great{with}talent.

How to Calculate Staff Turnover Rate

We all recognise that staff turnover is often destructive, time consuming and costly but often not high on the “must fix” list of leadership teams. The Turnover Cost Calculator provides a structure to establish the costs associated with employee turnover.

It does this by calculating staff turnover and shows you how much money can be saved for every percentage reduction in resignations. This will provide you with quick and useful data to work with.

The results will help you create a compelling financial business case and convince others that employee engagement is more than a “nice to have”. It is a financial must.

Recruitment and retention go hand in hand. To get the most out of the resources you invest in recruitment and training, you also need to have an employee retention strategy.

In these turbulent times it’s more important than ever to save companies valuable time and money through talent management. By knowing the facts you can have an informed jumping off point.

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