Employee Engagement Strategy – Post-survey Review

Employee Engagement Strategy

Organisations are struggling with their engagement survey response rates. Improve yours with the ten easy steps of our employee engagement strategy.

Engagement Survey Response Rates

After answering the question ‘what is staff engagement survey?’ and discussing the hows and whys of engagement survey response rates we can begin to tackle the issue of improving results.

great{with}talent offers an implementation pack with their groundbreaking engagement surveys. As companies often use staff questionnaires year in and year out, the best way to improve engagement survey response rates is by refining the survey process.

From the beginning you need clearly defined objectives. An improved survey experience will engage users and keep them responding in future. great{with}talent advises ten steps to achieving this goal.

Read Step One – Communications Plan.

Read Step Two – Resource Allocation.

Read Step Three – Brand the Survey Initiative.

Read Step Four – Roles and Responsibilities.

Read Step Five – Management Endorsement.

Read Step Six – Using Right Language.

Read Step Seven – Data Collection.

Read Step Eight – Timing.

Read Step Nine – Follow-up Actions.

Step Ten – Post-survey Review

There’s a certain amount of effort and investment that goes into the engagement survey process. To make this worthwhile it follows that the same rigour should be applied to monitoring and tracking the effectiveness of follow-up actions. These should also be compared against the staff questionnaire objectives.

Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of actions taken will ensure the survey is aligned with business objectives and strategy. It will also inform employees that their contributions are an essential part of the success of their organisation.

Like other steps for improving engagement survey response rates, this will have long term benefits. It will inform your future staff survey objectives and will help employees view the engagement survey as a worthwhile investment of their time.

Check out Steps One Through Ten.

Contact great{with}talent and find out more about their TalentEngage employee engagement surveys.


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