Employer Engagement Strategy – Resource Allocation

Employer Engagement Strategy

Companies are struggling with their survey response rates. Improve yours with our employer engagement strategy in ten easy steps.

Engagement Survey Response Rates

After answering the question ‘what is a staff engagement survey?’ and discussing the hows and whys of engagement survey response rates we can begin to tackle the issue of improving results.

great{with}talent offers an implementation pack with their groundbreaking engagement surveys. As companies often use staff questionnaires year in and year out, the best way to improve engagement survey response rates is by refining the survey process.

From the beginning you need clearly defined objectives. An improved survey experience will engage users and keep them responding in future. great{with}talent advises ten steps to achieving this goal.

Read Step One – Communications Plan.

Step Two – Resource Allocation

It is important to establish the required resources to implement and manage the engagement survey process. Though, it’s more important to consider what follow-up action will require.

Without an adequate budget for follow-up plans there is little value in conducting the survey. A staff questionnaire would ultimately lose you employee confidence. This is the exact opposite to what you want to achieve.

If no tangible evidence of change is demonstrated by the company it is unlikely that the workforce will make any further effort to participate in any subsequent surveys. Therefore employee engagement will lower. This will decrease staff retention and productivity. Not to mention your organisation’s resources.

It is important to be realistic in your aims and then the engagement survey can reflect that in its questions.

Move onto Step Three – Brand the Survey Initiative or see the Steps One Through Ten.

Contact great{with}talent and find out more about their TalentEngage employee engagement surveys.


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