How to Improve Engagement Survey Response Rates

Survey Response Rates

Companies repeatedly invest in employee questionnaires but engagement survey response rates rarely change. There’s many reasons for this but you can change the outcome.

Engagement Survey Response Rates

Once you know what an engagement survey is and why they’re continually used you can go about getting the best use out of them as possible. Engaging employees is the key to staff retention and productivity. Therefore more respondents will make your survey more effective.

Year on year, many companies invest in staff surveys to promote engagement. Though, the response rates rarely change.

People increasingly come into contact with questionnaires on a daily basis. Websites test their new layout with online surveys, customer service feedback forms are everywhere and companies evaluate their workforce. We’re interested in the latter. With so much competition for attention, improving your engagement survey response rates requires a little more effort.

An obvious solution is cutting down the time it takes to complete a questionnaire. We tend to agree with Rich Raquet of Survey Magazine. He says, “I hate seeing respondents tortured by long, boring and redundant surveys.” Every laborious staff survey increases despondency towards the process.

great{with}talent has streamlined their engagement surveys to be more efficient. They also recommend several simple steps to increase your response rates. These helpful tips do not have to involve greater costs and higher incentives. They are all about a small contribution of time and making the most out of your investment in an engagement survey.

These measures will improve survey response rates in the short term and long term as well as improve the affectivity of the questionnaire. Click on the links below for more information:

Improving Engagement Survey Response Rates

1. Communication Plan

2. Resource Allocation

3. Brand the Survey Initiative

4. Roles and Responsibilities

5. Management Endorsement

6. Using Right Language

7. Data Collection

8. Timing

9. Follow-up Actions

10. Post-survey Review

Contact great{with}talent and find out more about their TalentEngage employee engagement surveys.


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