What is an Employee Engagement Survey?

Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey tests how involved and satisfied workers are within their company. It’s an important tool to improve work performance and lower staff turnover. Find out why companies use engagement surveys and how they work.

What is an Employee Engagement Survey?

Employee engagement is important within any workforce. More satisfied workers are statistically more motivated and committed. Disengaged employees with low morale can cost companies money by wasting time and often leaving their job.

Low employee retention wastes money due to recruitment and training costs. Engaging employees therefore lowers staff turnover which saves companies time and resources. That’s why many companies invest in surveys to test levels of engagement.

A staff engagement survey measures what employees feel positive and negative about in their role and the company. This allows companies to help their employees feel like they can actively contribute to the success of the organisation, they’re being heard and the company is trying to meet their needs.

An engagement survey often comes in the form of a questionnaire. Most of the questions have a multiple choice answer from not satisfied to very satisfied or strongly agree to strongly disagree. Usually, there are also several open questions which allow workers to give longer and more personal responses.

Engagement surveys are anonymous and conducted by a third party so employees are willing and honest with their responses. The findings are then returned to the employer to act upon the results.

Companies can also be involved to ensure that an employee engagement survey is as effective as possible. For example, it’s important they encourage a high level of participation. The more participation within a company, the more people will benefit from being heard.

great{with}talent tailors their engagement surveys to individual companies. They use different questioning techniques, prioritise target members of a company who are indispensable and help companies to come up with realistic and useful aims.

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