Employee Engagement Surveys Checklist

Employee Engagement Surveys

Before conducting employee engagement surveys there’s a few questions you need to consider and items to tick off. Read great{with}talent’s top issues before your staff questionnaires.

Employee Engagement Surveys Checklist

Increasing employee engagement in your company will lower staff turnover and improve productivity. This will save organisations time and resources on recruitment as less people will leave the company.

There are simple steps you can take to increase engagement survey response rates. It’s also a good idea to go through this checklist prior to conducting your employee engagement surveys, according to great{with}talent.

  • Who will be responsible for defining and managing the communication plan throughout the survey project?
  • Have sufficient budget and resources been secured to achieve the organisation’s objectives for the survey?
  • What theme/brand does the business wish to express to employ throughout the initiative?
  • Who will be the project champions and what are their specific responsibilities?
  • Who is the principal supporter of the project and how will their commitment be visible to employees throughout the process?
  • Are there specific topics that the questionnaire needs to address or organisation specific terminology that needs to be incorporated into the survey?
  • Do all employees have access to the Internet? What method of distribution is most appropriate?
  • Identify the best time of year to run the survey project and how will this influence the business planning cycle?
  • What type of follow-up will have the greatest impact upon the business and how will employees be kept up-to-date on the actions?
  • How will the ROI of interventions be measured?

Giving due consideration to the issues discussed above will increase the visibility, employee buy-in and effectiveness of your survey. All of these factors will contribute to creating an environment in which employees and managers can have an open dialogue and stimulate lasting and positive change.

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