The Definition of Employee Engagement and Why Worker Engagement is Important

Definition of Employee Engagement

In the current economic climate it’s important to know definition of employee engagement as it has a significant effect on staff retention. To lower staff turnover you also need to be aware of and why worker engagement is important to your employees.

The Definition of Employee Engagement

The meaning of employee engagement is the level of both job satisfaction and employee commitment to a company. great{with}talent lists 12 factors of employee commitment but job satisfaction can be determined from the potential employees stage.

Kevin Kruse at Forbes said, “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” He states that it is different from employee happiness and employee satisfaction.

Why Worker Engagement is Important

Firstly, companies spend a large amount of resources on the recruitment process. In order to make this investment worthwhile, it’s important to engage staff so that they stay with the company. There are exceptions where a company may be better off without an unproductive employee but retaining talent is vital in today’s economy to save organisations time, effort and resources.

Employee engagement improves job performance, team morale and even customer service. This is because employees feel that they are valued. Therefore less staff voluntarily quit their role, use their time more efficiently and go that extra mile.

One employee engagement strategy is implementing staff surveys. These employee questionnaires can record the level of staff engagement within an organisation.

Most employee surveys, however, fail to make the best use of the results. As shown in Why Employee Survey Results Don’t Change, the majority of staff questionnaires do not ask whether an issue is important to the employee. By asking these sorts of questions, companies can use their resources in a more informed way and get the most from their employee engagement survey.

great{with}talent has come up with a new style of engagement surveys which truly find out where changes would be most successful.

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