New Employee Integration to Reduce Staff Turnover

New Employee Integration

New employee integration is key to preventing high early attrition rates. great{with}talent focuses on two components for onboarding new employees.

New Employee Integration to Reduce Staff Turnover

The two areas great{with}talent considers the induction process and meeting pre-employment expectations as key to employee integration. Both these factors are long known to affect an individual’s decision to stay with an organisation.

great{with}talent conducted research called How to Retain New Starters. The respondents included 1,399 employees from 19 organisations.

The sample covered a wide range of occupational groups, levels of education and industry sectors. It also took place during the first year of tenure.

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The overall employee satisfaction rate was high (approximately 84%). Although, several important factors in new employee integration scored below 80%.

These include feedback on performance during the selection process, visits to other appropriate departments and the explanation of the performance review processes.

Without a full new employee orientation, staff can struggle to acclimate themselves to the new role. Moreover, this immediately sets them out on the wrong foot. Companies can integrate new employees more effectively by reviewing these stages of their induction process.

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great{with}talent also measures the extent to which the nature of the job and character or culture of the organisation have been accurately portrayed. This includes the stages of attraction, recruitment and the selection process.

The majority of the sample agreed that their expectations had been met. Yet, a minority (approximately 20%) clearly expressed a degree of ambiguity in their understanding of the role and company prior to employment.

It’s important to represent jobs and the company in an honest way. This will give new employees a clear insight and realistic expectations.

Therefore, new employees know what is expected of them and if both the organisation and the position are a good fit. Otherwise, this can lead to early attrition.

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