What Are Psychometric Tests?

What Are Psychometric Tests

To answer ‘what are psychometric tests’ we will consider what they measure and how they are used in the recruitment and selection process.

What are Psychometric Tests?

According to Psychometric Success, the word psychometric is formed from the Greek words for mental and measurement. Therefore psychometric tests aim to measure mental ability and personality.

Psychometric tests are commonly used during the recruitment process. They are made up of questionnaires, tests and personality assessments.

They are only one part of the selection process. For example, applicants also need to submit your resume or complete an application form.

They may then be used at the interview stage and entrants may also be asked for references. Therefore, it’s unlikely that psychometric tests will be looked at in isolation.

Psychometric testing looks at personalities, aptitude and ability to evaluate whether someone is suited to a role. This includes their ability to perform tasks that are required.

It also involves how they would deal with situations, fellow employees and customers, clients or patients. Both of these are measured through multiple choice questions.

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Personality Questionnaires

These can test employee motivation and enthusiasm. They also aim to find out if you’re a good fit for both the role and the company.

It’s argued by the University of Cambridge that there are no ‘right or wrong’ answers to these questions and participants should answer truthfully. The latter is particularly true because it’s unlikely that an individual would be happy in a job or organisation which is unsuited to them. Therefore it benefits both the respondent and the company to answer honestly.

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Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests can measure several factors: verbal ability, numeric ability, abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning and mechanical reasoning. There may be the opportunity for practice tests in this category.

Results are compared to a base level, an average score. They’re timed and formalised to make an accurate comparison.

The questions are usually designed to get harder as the test progresses but it is better to get more answers than complete the most questions. Therefore rushing answers isn’t advised.

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