The Importance of Psychometric Tests in the OnBoarding Process

Psychometric Tests

There are several benefits of psychometric tests in the onboarding process to increase long term employee engagement and productivity whilst decreasing staff turnover.

The Importance of Psychometric Tests in the OnBoarding Process

It’s important to create a high level of employee commitment from the beginning, rather than fighting an uphill battle. Psychometric tests are one of the key tools to achieving this.

We began by answering ‘what are psychometric tests‘ and focused on the two main types. There are also three main benefits to using psychometric tests in the onboarding process.

Speedy Productivity

Early psychometric tests alongside employee reports increase the “speed to performance” of new starters. Organisations really don’t need to wait six to 12 months before a new person starts to add value.

Psychometric tests show the areas where new employees have the greatest aptitude and areas that need work. It also quickly shows if they are suited to the role.

By fitting in their optimum role and playing to their strengths, new employees can quickly assimilate themselves. This will benefit the company greatly as there’s less of a delay in rewards and productivity of a new hire.

Reduce Early Attrition

Employee reports, like OnBoarder, produce reports that help you target people who are at risk of leaving. Therefore, the company can be proactive by meeting their needs.

Whilst psychometric tests, like FindingPotential, at the recruitment and promotion stage help find the right person for the role.

Organisations can also invest in people who are likely to stay with the company and offer returns on their investment. This may include training and development.

Recruitment Process

By using psychometric tests companies can target improvements in other areas. This can include in their attraction, recruitment and induction processes based on reliable data.

By hiring people who are the best suited to the available position greater employee commitment will be created. Therefore their engagement and productivity will be higher.

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(Main image from American University)

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