Introducing 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaires in Your Organisation

360 Degree Feedback Questionnaires

This slideshare answers all the questions organisations need to know about introducing 360 degree feedback questionnaires into their employee engagement initiatives.

Introducing 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaires in Your Organisation

Organisations use 360 degree feedback questionnaires to gather anonymous data about employees. This can include their peers, line managers, senior management and self-evaluation.

The results of 360 degrees feedback can help with planning employee development. It may also be used to decide on pay rises and promotion opportunities.

In the below slideshow, created by great{with}talent, the key questions around 360 degree feedback surveys are answered.

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

The human resources tool of 360 degree appraisals are a highly effective and efficient way of gathering feedback on leaders and managers. They are called 360 as they collect information from all perspectives and angles.

The data for 360 degrees are collected via an anonymous online process. They are not a silver bullet but a starting point for leadership development.

When Can You Use 360 Degree Feedback Surveys?

This performance appraisal tool can be used for newly hired or promoted senior managers. It can also be used for leadership or management development, talent planning initiative and during the succession planning proccess.

It may also be pertinent to use 360 feedback as a bonus related performance review and as part of a performance improvement process. Therefore, it’s quite a versatile and useful strategy.

Finding Potential

In this slideshow you also find out more about great{with}talent‘s free 360 degree feedback tool, FindingPotential. You can see why it’s specifically a helpful tool and which other organisations have used it.

This slideshow also includes an implementation overview and why 360 feedback looks good. Whilst it also addresses: why FindingPotential is a free 360 degree feedback questionnaire and when you can’t use 360 feedback.

[slideshare id=30260310&sc=no] Contact great{with}talent and try their free 360 degree feedback questionnaires called FindingPotential.

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