The Benefits of Occupational Personality Questionnaire Feedback

Occupational Personality Questionnaire

There are several benefits to giving constructive occupational personality questionnaire feedback. Take a look at the top four for potential employees, current staff and employers.

The Benefits of Occupational Personality Questionnaire Feedback

Feedback of occupational personality questionnaire results should provide individuals with a greater insight into their own behaviour. It should also allow them to clarify and confirm the results obtained.

A face to face discussion is the most appropriate approach for feedback. If circumstances prevent this from being possible then using the telephone can be more convenient.

In addition, it is important to note legal responsibilities. If occupational personality questionnaire data has been stored on computer or on some other system, there is a legal requirement. Respondents must be given meaningful feedback of scores upon request under the Data Protection Act (1998).

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Offering occupational personality questionnaire feedback can provide a number of specific benefits. Here are the top four:

Ownership of Personality Test Results

Participants can develop an understanding of their own profile. This can help to make people take more responsibility for developing themselves. In this sense, the feedback process becomes as important as the results themselves.


Understanding the data on which potential personnel decisions may be made will promote an atmosphere of fairness. In turn, this can then reduce feelings of bias and prejudice towards management.

Public Relations

Behavioural or personality questionnaires can sometimes appear rather opaque to the person involved. Feedback can debunk any such concerns and leave people feeling more positive both towards the technique and the organisation in general.

Interpreter Development

Feedback can also help to develop the participant’s own interpretation skills. It can do this by pointing out the reasoning behind certain behaviour and attitudes.

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