What is 360 Degree Feedback?

What is 360 Degree Feedback

This slideshow offers answers to the question ‘what is 360 degree feedback?’ alongside great{with}talent’s free 360 degree feedback questionnaire.

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

This slideshow answers several key questions about 360 degree feedback questionnaires:

  • What is 360 feedback?
  • When can we use 360 degree appraisals?
  • Why should you use FindingPotential 360 degree feedback?
  • Who already uses FindingPotential 360 feedback?

Alongside an implementation overview for 360 degree feedback questionnaires. It also addresses:

  • Why is it free 360 degree feedback?
  • When can’t you use a 360 degree appraisal?

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The 360 degree feedback questionnaires are not a magic wand and should be used as part of an ongoing process. They’re a useful jumping off point for leadership development.

Like many employee surveys, they’re also available online and anonymous. The data collection aspect of 360 appraisals allows for greater trust and honesty from the participants.

This increases the validity of results and often increases response rates. It also produces fast results which are easy to deal with.

This fast turnover is key if your organisation is using 360 feedback as part of employee initiatives or development. Therefore, the process isn’t slow or hampered by complex or slowly produced results.

Furthermore, 360 degree feedback is a versatile human resources tool and can be used at several points in the employment process. The implementation pack also offers seven simple steps to using 360 appraisals in your organisation.

Contact great{with}talent and try their free 360 degree feedback questionnaire called FindingPotential.

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