The Smart Way to Manage, Track and Receive Employee References – ReferenceExpert

Employee References

Learn more about the quick and easy service to receive employee references. ReferenceExpert can save you and your organisation time and reasons, find out how.

The Smart Way to Manage, Track and Receive Employee References – ReferenceExpert

ReferenceExpert is an online service that takes the pain out of collecting employers and personal references. The process is quick and easy to run whilst producing high quality, easy to read reference reports.

Head of Resourcing at Hertfordshire County Council, Richard Hall said, “ReferenceExpert has made a significant contribution to reducing time to hire at Hertfordshire County Council.

“The M.I. allows recruiters to track progress of reference requests and view key statistics at a glance. The administration of the system is quick and easy.

“As a result this frees up the time of resources allowing them to add value to other areas of the recruitment process.”

In a Nutshell, ReferenceExpert:

» Only takes seconds to administer;

» Has a slick and professional referee experience;

» Does all the chasing for you;

» Delivers amazing response rates;

» Provides reference reports as soon as they are available;

» Costs between £1.50 to £2.50 per reference;

» Allows the candidate to “self-service” the process if you wish;

» Can be easily customised to reflect your brand & questions.

Try ReferenceExpert free for 30 days. No tricks, no restrictions on numbers, just a fantastic service that will change the way you collect employee references forever.

Contact great{with}talent and find out about their quick and easy way to receive employee references.

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