How to Engage Staff – Market Stalls Approach

Engage Staff

The ‘Market Stalls Approach’ is a technique any organisation can use to avoid those endless Powerpoint presentations. It’s quick, easy and helps to engage staff.

How to Engage Staff – Market Stalls Approach

Presenting ideas in meetings have become an endless showing of slideshows. This technique can leave audiences switched off.

New methods are needed to mix up this process. One such employee engagement strategy is the ‘Market Stalls Approach’.

To convey this idea there is the below slideshow but don’t let that put you off. This speedy and simple idea can engage staff.

It’s a much more interactive way of sharing ideas. People are more likely to ask questions and remember the information.

The ‘Market Stall Approach’ sees the audience split into smaller groups. These groups of six to ten people are then given a ten minute conversational presentation.

After these ten minutes they can then ask questions and share their reactions. After this section they then move to the next market stall.

This rotation continues to all ideas have been heard. The groups can then discuss and compare what they’ve heard.

By not using Powerpoint presentations this technique allows for more interaction and employee engagement. Whilst ideas are thoroughly discussed.

Everyone is also given the opportunity to input the process. This leads to greater productivity, staff motivation and teamwork.

All these factors benefit employees’ experience and produces the highest standard of ideas. Meanwhile those presenting their message can feel they’ve been heard and had constructive feedback.

View this slideshow on how to engage staff for the rules and guidelines.

[slideshare id=31363125&sc=no]

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