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Engaging Employees

This slideshow offers a staff team building exercise to kickstart engaging employees. It’s a way for employees to introduce themselves in a creative and interesting way.

Engaging Employees with Staff Team Building Ideas

Staff team building and engaging employees are key to improving productivity within any organisation. It can also decrease early attrition.

A team who works closely together can predict each other’s needs. They’re also more willing to help each other and meet those needs in a timely manner.

It’s important to start this process early and to do this by engaging employees. A staff team building session that is fun and informative can break the ice.

This will begin communications between staff and it can be done on a budget. One way to do this is by using the Personal Shield approach.

Read How to Engage Staff – Market Stalls Approach for engaging staff in meetings.

The Personal Shield Approach

This employee engagement strategy is one of many quick and easy staff team building ideas. It can be used when a team is first brought together or to open the lines of communication.

Staff fill out their own shield that has various sentences for them to complete. These can be tailored to fit any organisation’s meeting or team needs. The statements are:

  • What I expect/hope from this meeting…
  • At my best as a team member I am…
  • At my worst, I am…
  • The biggest challenge I face at work is…
  • What I want from this meeting is…
  • My claim to fame is…
  • One thing you don’t know about me is…

The shield is then completed with their core values at the centre. Whilst staff also write their personal motto at the bottom.

The aim of team building exercises for staff is to get to know each other in a professional capacity. They need to understand each other’s approach to work.

This initiative allows some personal depth for each team member to share which is key to making this an interesting exercise. Therefore, it will help in engaging employees and give a rounded view of people.

Moreover, it will also give team leaders and managers an insight into employees. They will learn how staff see their weaknesses and role in the organisation.

This can help tailor future employee engagement solutions for this group by showing their specific needs. Watch this slideshow for more instructions on engaging employees with the Personal Shield:

[slideshare id=32123658&sc=no]

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