How to Enhance the Candidate Experience of Occupational Personality Questionnaires

Occupational Personality Questionnaires

Candidates can get more from their occupational personality questionnaires using these reports. Whilst helping them get the most out of psychometric testing is an important part of the process.

How to Enhance the Candidate Experience of Occupational Personality Questionnaires

A key element of any recruitment process is to ensure that all candidates, irrespective of the final decision, leave with a positive image of your organisation. If this is to be achieved, candidates need to feel that the process has been a fair and a positive experience for them.

In relation to occupational personality questionnaires, this can be achieved by providing them with a personal report. This will provide them with additional information on their preferences.

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Psychometric Test Feedback

The personality questionnaire feedback interview is likely to provide the candidate with a degree of insight and understanding into their preferences. It is also important that participants have the opportunity to gain further insight.

To support this great{with}talent has created two candidate reports. There are two options:

Candidate Standard Report

This provides a candidate with a summary of their preferences under five broad categories. It’s “The Big Five of Personality”.

It also provides some insight into their likely work preferences. Alongside, jobs that may fit their preferences.

Candidate Premium Report

This is a detailed and comprehensive report, that provides full insight into a candidate’s preferences against the whole profile. It also gives their preferences in relation to the “Big Five” and their likely preferred roles within a team.

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On-going Support

If the candidate wants to understand more about themselves and how they can make the most of their preferences, the FindingPotential website has a range of resources.

Contact great{with}talent or try their FindingPotential free psychometric tests.


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