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The Recruitment Agency

great{with}talent has created an employer questionnaire for The Recruitment Agency Index. By answering a few questions on your use of recruiting agencies, you will be sent insights on the quality of this tool.

Employer Questionnaire

Just how much money do you spend on recruitment agencies each year? How good do you really think recruitment agencies are? Do you really believe that your agencies represent your best interests and prepare candidates well? How do you select a great recruitment agency to work with?

great{with}talent works with some of the best known global brands. They look at their attraction and recruitment processes through the eyes of the candidate.

Their clients spend huge sums of money with recruitment agencies but often have a niggling doubt about the value they receive for the handsome reward they pay. In many cases, they have identified that new hires sourced through a recruitment agency (rather than a direct sourcing model) are less engaged and more at risk of leaving organisations.

It’s time for change.

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The Recruitment Agency Index

The quickest way to sum up The Recruitment Agency Index is to think TripAdvisor® (without your name or odd pictures!), but focused on recruitment agencies. Over the coming months The Recruitment Agency Index will provide a remarkable insight into the quality of agencies – through the eyes of recruiters and candidates.

The service is powered by great{with}talent. It is free to use if you participate by submitting a review. All you need to do is complete a very short questionnaire – rating one (or more) agencies that you use on the following areas:

  • Overall rating (net promoter score);
  • Reliability;
  • Insight;
  • Impact;
  • Quality.

All of the feedback will be collated over the coming few weeks. You will then be sent a copy of The Recruitment Agency Index.


If you would like to gather feedback from people you have hired through agencies please contact great{with}talent. They will arrange for them to provide feedback on their experience.

To complete the employer questionnaire go to The Recruitment Agency Index.

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