Using an Occupational Personality Questionnaire at Interview

Learn how to use an occupational personality questionnaire to inform the interview process. Whether you use the results in a separate feedback session or not, psychometric testing can be a key part of the recruitment process.

Using a Occupational Personality Questionnaire at Interview

Occupational personality questionnaire personality questionnaire feedback can be conducted as part of the main interview. It can also be held as a separate interview focusing solely on the candidate’s personality preferences.

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Preparing for the Interview

  • Review the individual’s profile in relation to the job analysis you have already conducted.
  • Prepare your key questions. The interview question guide available at FindingPotential sets out a number of questions that can be used in the feedback interview to gain insight into the candidate’s personality preferences in relation to the job.
  • Ask yourself what possible links are there between key job related scales? What questions will help you explore these areas?

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The Occupational Personality Questionnaire Feedback Interview

Remember the objective of the feedback interview is to give the individual the opportunity to demonstrate how they utilise their personal preferences. Moreover, whether they use them to good effect.

Explore examples of how they have used these preferences effectively. Seek coping mechanisms they might have developed for aspects of their personality that less obviously fit a job role.

Gaining Further Understanding

Having completed the occupational personality questionnaire feedback interview, there may still be areas that you would like to gain further insight into. If this is the case, you could:

  • Ensure the questions are explored in any second interview or schedule a short follow-up interview.
  • If this is not possible, you can download a recruiter expert report (Premium Recruiter Report) that will provide some further explanation of the likely preferences.

Making a Decision

The evidence gained from the personality feedback interview must only ever be used as part of the decision making process. The evidence gained during the feedback interview should be used to supplement and challenge evidence gained during other stages of the assessment process.

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