Low Cost Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

Low cost creative employee recognition ideas can increase employee engagement, staff commitment and boost morale. They can also add an element of competition and fun among employees. Here are some easy and quick steps any organisation can take.

Low Cost Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

Increasing employee engagement can improve productivity, customer service and lower staff turnover. Creative recognition of employees is one way to build staff engagement in an organisation.

Awards ceremonies have become common in every field yet too many awards can dull the effect. Whereas more inventive approaches can offer staff a morale boost which they wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. It can also add a sense of competition and fun that can quickly increase productivity.

New Employees

Employee recognitions for new starters can begin their employment in a positive way and a little can go further than you’d think. This may simply include a bunch of flowers or welcome lunch on their first day.

There’s a fin line between reward and recognition and overwhelming a new employee. These small gestures can show thoughtfulness and staff appreciation. Whilst promotions can be marked by the gift of a day planner.

Say Thank You

Not every company has a big venue box that employees can use but saying thank you is the cheapest and easiest employee recognition. There’s lots of ways to show and say thanks in a meaningful way.

Firstly, there’s a wide array of treats to be given as small rewards and incentives. These include sweets, gold stars and gift certificates. A fun alternative is chocolate gold coins.

Hand-written thank you notes are also very meaningful. It’s important to include praise that is specific to the individual to show it’s not an empty platitude.

Another method could be attaching thank yous to employee paychecks. Even by sending thanks to families for their support, especially after a busy period.

Moreover acknowledging employee milestones. Lots of organisations celebrate birthdays but what about five years with the company, for example. This will show that employee commitment is celebrated and encouraged.

There could be a bulletin board of positive customer feedback. Whilst an in-office standing ovation, once in a while, or raising a drink is a personal show of appreciation from the entire workforce.

And, of course, simply saying thank you or the old pat on the back has a lot of meaning especially in a world driven by technology.

Each of these ideas are low cost employee recognitions and very easy to implement. At the same time, they are even more potent when offered and publicly executed by a superior.

Create Competition

Some creative employee recognition ideas can encourage competition among staff. This can lead to higher productivity, teamwork and higher morale through an atmosphere of fun.

One way to do this is by asking an employee to mentor a new hire. This shows that you value their skills and experience whilst offering a new challenge.

Furthermore, this gives new employees the opportunity to create a career plan. This way they will be self-motivated towards skills building and progression in the organisation which adds to their value.

Again a bouquet of flowers, Dr. Bob Nelson suggests, can be given to an employee for an outstanding contribution. They can then keep it for an hour before passing it on to an employee they feel deserves it. Then that employee keeps it for an hour before passing it on. This can go on as long as the flowers stay fresh.

This technique allows rewards and recognition among staff so they go to who the employees think deserves it. This, in turn, can build teamwork.

Similarly a trophy for employee of the week/month and/or a prime parking space can be passed on to the next winner. This is a more long lasting and possibly covetable employee recognition.

Alike, teams can be rewarded whether it’s with sweet treats or positive customer feedback being read aloud. Another way is through social media.

For example, a team picture can be posted on a social media site. Team members can be tagged or mentioned, plus a caption about their achievement.

This can also be added to the company newsletter. The combination will promote good work and often receive positive feedback from fellow members of staff. The organisation gets free promotion alongside employee benefits.

These quick, easy, low cost and creative employee recognition ideas improve employee engagement. It can also promote the organisation, create teambuilding and go further towards increasing productivity.

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