Employee Engagement Ideas for HR Performance Management: Snowball Fight

Employee Engagement Ideas

This slideshow offers one of great{with}talent‘s fun and productive employee engagement tools: Snowball Fight. It can improve teambuilding, staff engagement and employee morale. Whilst staff can share their concerns and discuss them openly.

Employee Engagement Ideas for HR Performance Management: Snowball Fight

Organisations can find it difficult to find new and interesting employee engagement ideas. By having the same staff engagement strategies over and over they can become stale and less effective.

It can also be a struggle to get staff to talk openly about their concerns, particularly in a group discussion situation. Similarly it may be hard to get full group participation.

Likewise less buy-in can decrease the potency of employee engagement strategies. Staff engagement is key to lowering staff turnover, avoiding early attrition, increasing productivity and can even improve client and customer relations.

great{with}talent has created ‘Snowball Fight’ to tackle these issues in the workplace. This approach allows for fun and bonding among employees.

By making a relaxed atmosphere this technique provides a sense of anonymity and camaraderie to voice concerns. They can then discuss these issues before a plan is created to tackle them.

The below slideshow offers a step by step guide to using Snowball Fight in meetings. This includes examples of questions which should be tailored to your organisation.

[slideshare id=33497087&sc=no]

Extra Employee Engagement Tips

  • Try to avoid asking leading questions or making assumptions about what your staff is having difficulty with, try to be impartial.
  • Again, let the group lead the discussion and only join in when they have finished speaking.
  • Begin tackling issues raised with quick wins. Small changes will show that progress is being made immediately and provides extra time to address bigger or more complex sticking points. Therefore, staff will feel heard and the organisation can get the most from any employee engagement ideas.

Contact great{with}talent and find out more about their employee engagement surveys called TalentEngage.

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