How to Make Work Fun

How to Make Work Fun

Employee engagement ideas can often involve how to make work fun in order to increase staff morale. These include team building ideas, fun icebreakers for work and ways to motivate staff.

How to Make Work Fun

Low morale can be a potent staff turnover driver which is particularly evident amongst sales employees. Learning how to make work fun can improve employee morale.

This in turn can improve employee engagement which is linked to productivity, customer service, client relations and staff retention. All in all, organisations can benefit from a little fun at work.

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Fun Icebreakers for Work

There are lots of team building ideas including excursions and out-of-bounds trips yet they don’t have to be costly and time consuming. Organisations can engage employees using such techniques as the Personal Shield.

This particular team building approach allows staff to get to know each other in a work environment. Moreover, they can learn each other’s strengths and weakness’ in the workplace.

This is perfect for meetings and small groups, especially when they have to work together for a short period or temporary basis.

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How to Have Fun at Work

Just like a low cost employee recognition is saying “thank you”, a low cost way to have fun is smile. A friendly smile can be infectious.

A manager entering the workplace and sharing a smile or smiling whilst saying those coveted words they can improve employee relations. It’s quick, easy and bonding.

Inc. recommends allowing work areas to be decorated including movie posters. Similarly, they advise taking casual Fridays up a notch with themed dress-up days.

These can easily be teamed with staff rewards like themed drinks or snacks. These can be used to toast an employee of the month and so forth.

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Team Building Ideas

As Liz Ryan states, “There is a widespread misconception that the way to make work more fun is to pile extra ‘fun’ activities on top of it.”

Whereas, merely mixing up the tried and tested routine can improve staff morale. The key to effective fun at work is to make the work itself more engaging.

Fun at work can include team building ideas like Snowball Fight. This initiative allows employees to share concerns in a relaxed atmosphere. It can also provide insights into future staff engagement ideas.

Likewise, the Market Stalls Approach can make meetings more engaging for employees. Whilst RACI can cut down duplication in work and clarify who needs to do what.

These can relieve stress, offer a break in monotony and address underlying conflict over such issues. Furthermore, they are productive, useful and cheap.

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