Creative Low Cost Employee Benefits

Low Cost Employee Benefits

Creative low cost employee benefits can increase employee engagement, staff commitment and boost morale. They can also add to fun at work. Here are some easy and quick steps any organisation can take.

Creative Low Cost Employee Benefits

Alongside low cost rewards and creative employee recognitions, staff benefits are an effective way to build employee engagement. This is key to productivity, staff retention and customer service.

Additionally, HR World, argue that job expectations are on the rise and employee benefits can help fulfil this need. Here’s the top ways to introduce low cost employee benefits into an organisation.

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The retail industry is well-known for giving discounts to their workforce but they’re not the only ones who can offer these employee benefits. Consider local shops, suppliers, bars, restaurants, gyms, spas and cinemas.

A large group of memberships and company events offer a great incentive for local businesses to offer discounts. Moreover, these can provide team building opportunities amongst staff.

Employees can join exercise classes together, socialise or de-stress. They will then attribute these events to the organisation, increasing employee engagement.

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If staff drive to work they can be offered help with petrol during high pressure weeks at work. Likewise, travel tickets (or Oyster card top-ups) can give relatively low cost employee benefits.

Whereas, those who commute from a long distance can be offered a day working from home after a particularly stressful season. This is a perfect opportunity to increase the work/life balance of employees.

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Team Building

Gift certificates can be a great way to treat a team. If they use them together it’s an extra opportunity to build working relationships.

A way to encourage bonding over employee benefits is by ordering food when there’s tight deadlines, for example. Similarly, work picnics, barbecues and pizza nights can help when working long hours.

An in-house cinema evening is also a fun bonding experience to create common interests and talking points. One employer recently made headlines for having a Game of Thrones morning, according to Employee Benefits.

There are many other ways to create staff engagement through low cost employee benefits. By thinking outside the box, organisations can offer something unusual which can’t easily be found elsewhere. This alone can build staff commitment.

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