Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives

Staff Engagement Initiatives

These staff engagement initiatives can increase employee’s buy-in to the company brand. They can then in turn increase customer and client buy-in.

Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives

Employee satisfaction is when staff are happy in their role and organisation. Whereas, employee engagement involves increased staff commitment and consistent contribution to the progress of the organisation. This is also usually accompanied by employee satisfaction.

An organisation’s brand can be used to bolster staff engagement initiatives. This can help with engaging employees and develop the brand further.

The Star Tribune even argues that employee engagement is key to building a brand. Here’s the top three staff engagement initiatives with brand awareness in mind.

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Build Brand Awareness

Organisations have a lot of marketing and brand content that is going to the public, customers and clients. Yet, few are also targeting their own workforce.

great{with}talent‘s brand position, for example, is ‘Person-organisation-fit’. They point out that companies can save resources by retaining their core employees through employee engagement.

Whilst, their services can effectively achieve this with their unique, customisable range. Therefore, their employees must know about and believe in this goal to pitch it and work towards it on a daily basis.

If all employees aren’t aware of what they’re working for and the company culture they work within, how can they convince others to buy into it?

According to Forbes, explanations of a brand, organisation’s motto and even its logo can be used as an introduction in meetings. Therefore, everything that comes after can be discussed with the brand in mind.

It’s a good idea to also include such material in initial talks with potential employees. This can help find the right fit for the organisation during recruitment and begin employee engagement strategies early.

Social Media

Almost every organisation and person has their own online branding nowadays whether it’s Facebook profiles or Twitter feeds. Companies can utilise this social media trend as part of their employee engagement strategies.

In fact, lots of organisations already do this, such as the NHS, Cisco and IRI Consultants. By using these techniques, companies make employees their informal brand ambassadors.

If a team is rewarded with a “well done” post via Facebook, for example, they will then like and share it. Likewise, a photo of the team can be tagged and seen by a wider audience.

Whilst, YouTube trailers can be added to mailers that are sent to employees or played as part of the introduction to meetings. The list goes on and on.

These social media staff engagement strategies are especially beneficial for generation Y employees who socialise online the most. They’re also a key demographic who employers are struggling to engage.

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Employee Engagement Surveys

An organisation’s brand can be used as part of employee engagement surveys. Firstly, the organisation’s logo can be put on all correspondence about the staff questionnaires as well as the surveys themselves.

There can also be a project logo and tagline that’s in-keeping with the company culture. These measures will show staff that the employee engagement survey is being taken seriously and not a one-off.

Secondly, you can use the biggest brand ambassadors as project champions. Having a peer encourage staff to take part in the engagement survey will increase the number of people who participate.

Organisations can choose the most dedicated employees and even those who are connected most with the business via social media.

This involves employees at every stage of staff engagement initiatives and shows them that they’re working towards the brand. Whilst, they’re also given the opportunity to help build on the company culture.

This improves employee engagement which boosts the staff commitment of fellow employees. In turn, commitment to the brand increases as does awareness of it, in the company and beyond.

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