Exit Interviews Go Mobile

In this day and age of ‘productivity on the go’, completing an exit questionnaire via mobile device holds far more appeal than spending valuable minutes at a desk doing the same thing.  That’s why we’ve developed LastOpinion+, a fully mobile enabled version of our exit questionnaire.

Like them or loathe them, smart phones and tablets are virtually an extension of the human body these days. The average pre-schooler learns to swipe, tap and scroll on screen, well ahead of spelling his own name in pen and ink. A scary vision for those of us whose only foray into anything screen based at the same age was an Etch-A-Sketch. Yet, here we all are, even the dinosaurs amongst us, walking from A to B with our heads buried in our mobile devices, busy ‘being productive’ and ‘communicating’ on the move. There is no doubt that the world has changed – the smart phone is now the ubiquitous communications device and is the closest item to people most of the time. And the chances are that, in this day and age of ‘productivity on the go’, completing an exit questionnaire via mobile device holds far more appeal than spending valuable minutes at a desk doing the same thing.

Here at great{with}talent, we’ve joined up the dots. You’re a responsible employer, keen to address employee engagement and reduce turnover. Leavers are on the rise, and you need an exit data collection system that not only gathers information but also points you in the right direction to deliver results. More than just data, what you need is the answers to why your people are leaving, and crucially, what would make them stay. It sounds so simple, and yet it is the bête noir of most HR functions; time spent dishing out questionnaires, chasing their completion, and analysing and reporting back on the results. Time you just don’t have.

That’s where we come in, with LastOpinion+, our exciting new mobile friendly version of LastOpinion. After all, not all of your people are sitting at desks; some of them might be mobile or remote workers; most of them will be time poor. But one thing’s guaranteed – all of them will carry (and regularly interact with) a mobile device of some sort.

About 18 months ago we went back to the drawing board to conduct a complete review of how people interact with their phones and how they complete questionnaires. The research project resulted in a complete reimagining of our existing LastOpinion exit questionnaire – both in terms of content, questionnaire experience and output.

Now fully mobile compatible, LastOpinion retains all of its original benefits (an objective, reliable and proven model of exit data collection, saving you time and money), with some exciting new enhancements, specifically:

* Quicker to complete – around 5 minutes

* Solutions driven reporting – to quote the renowned research firm, Gartner, ‘the value is in big answers not big data’. LastOpinion+ still provides you with data, with a critical improvement – the new format provides an action plan of what needs to be done to reduce turnover. Answers, not just data. Click here to view an example report.

* The user interface has been designed specifically for smart phones and tablets –recognising the need to adapt our technology and process to the requirements of the mobile user, we have delivered a version of our existing product which interfaces seamlessly with mobile devices.

* Improved questionnaire completion rates – since the service is now easier than ever for users to access wherever they are, it therefore makes the solution highly applicable to disparate and devolved employee populations


If you like what you’ve seen so far, and would like more information on how LastOpinion+ can help you to significantly reduce your labour turnover, contact us for a conversation about a free trial.

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