great{with}talent helps organisations increase levels of performance, employee engagement and reduce staff turnover. We achieve this through a unique range of customisable services that focus specifically on engagement and retention. ‘Person-organisation-fit’ is central to our philosophy and our approach focuses on understanding how individuals and organisations interact.

We’ve made it our mission to make our products as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. And inside each fantastic service we’ve included some brilliant and relevant technology. So when you use any of our services for the first time, we know it will save you money, help solve problems and create opportunity for your organisation.

Our roots are in business psychology and user-friendly web based applications. Our client base spans nearly 2,000 high profile organisations and we help them to save vast amounts of money by recruiting the right people, improving employee engagement and ensuring their organisation is more efficient and effective.

We’ve proven expertise in designing and delivering staff questionnaires for every phase in the employee lifecycle. To date this equates to over 500,000 cases of employee data, collected globally in over 18 languages. This experience means we can create the right approach for you.

However, we’re much more than an employee survey company. Our psychometric knowledge and research-based approach means we offer innovative approaches to collecting and analysing data. We then use our consultancy expertise to ensure our clients quickly understand and can take action on this data.

Our reports and analysis recognise the complexities of why people really stay or leave on an individual and group basis. This approach enables you to pinpoint exactly where and when dis-engagement occurs. And that’s how great{with}talent will help your employees and your whole organisation to perform better.

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